We say the word ding-a-ling. Imagine going to work, while the voices in your head are rambling. You could be thinking about how you shouldn’t have had that double shot of expresso, how the lady at the corner bus stop had an ass the size of Houston or how you wished all _________ would just go to hell. Of course, these are some of the G rated thoughts that whisk through your mind, think of some of the other thoughts that you wouldn’t dare think about saying. We say the word vagina. This blog… ”Pandoras Kitchens”, this is our inner dialogue. We are not implying that this blog is rated X because it’s a far cry from ‘Disney G’. As it comes to mind and through our fingers, we slam it into publication without a flinch. We could easily censor and aim to please but then we would be denying ourself the true reason of this blog, our own self-discovery and passion regarding relationships.