What you can do at a bachelor party

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Bachelor parties are meant to celebrate the rite of passage of one of the boys from the singlehood club. However, this tradition was later to be removed and replaced by bachelor parties. The dinner and toasting were soon replaced by gambling, alcohol, and strippers. For the groom to be, marriage signals the end of clubbing and going to strip clubs. The party is supposed to be the last temptation by the groom to do one more stupid thing that they may not have the freedom to do during their period of marriage. The party should be about the boys bonding and say goodbye to one of theirs, but that is not what happens. It is like more of giving the groom the last chance to do all those silly things boys do when they are out alone with girls.
The activities that take place at a bachelor party are usually influenced by the likes and personality of the groom. However, no matter the case, keep the groom in check by keeping yourself in check. There is a likelihood thongs might get out of hand with the initial plane especially if they are a lot of alcohol in the party. Give the best man the responsibility of safely getting the groom to his room no matter what happens. You can kick off the party by playing some game together. This can be golfing or basketball to get the right mood before the party. Decide if you want to dirty in the party or not. In most cases, the groom has no control over the party but then it must be tuned to his likeness.

Have escort girls or strippers at the party to make it more enjoyable for the boys. The girls are a great way of tempting the groom to check if he wants to get married. The center of attention should be on the groom from the party with the strippers giving him special attention and offers that the rest of the guys cannot do. After the strippers have danced around with the boys, let them undress the groom and bond with his through a series of acts. The groom must choose one favorite stripper and take off his pants. Let the strippers make it clear to the guys in the party that they are not having sex with any of them until the groom agrees to have sex himself.


This puts the groom right on the spot where he must decide to give something special to the boys or just ignore their needs. It is up to the groom to decide if he can sleep with one of the strippers or not. If sex must happen, it must take place just within the location of the party and not go home with any of the strippers. At any point you decide to end the party, the groom must be safely returned to his room, and nothing about the events of the party must come out. It is usually the code for all bachelor parties that nothing is said afterward unless in the company of the boys alone.


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