Is escorting legal in Denver

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First, Escorting is a genuine profession in which there is an exchange of money or a service. Primarily, the service provider avails themselves for companionship with the client and they are compensated for their time and company. Here in Denver, Colorado, the law requires that Escort service be registered and licensed with the law enforcement arm of government as stipulated in the Colorado Escort Service Code.

To start with, escorting is definitely legal in Denver under Colorado Escort Service Code. It is however, regulated by various rules to curb violation of the provisions of its legality and any abuse by illegitimate business people. As such, escorting can be deemed illegal if you partake in it being under the legal age of 18 years. It can be considered illegal if the escort asks for a commission or any form of payment for sexual favors or is underage. Lastly, you cannot operate escorting without a legitimate license from the local authorities otherwise; it would be an illegal act.


The legal provisions of the law for the business of escorting is kept in check by various clauses of legislation and law enforcement guidelines Therefore, to ensure that you are escorting or running an escort service within the law, it is imperative to adhere to the rules provided to avoid getting into trouble with the authorities.

You should also understand that law enforcement authorities are always on the lookout of anyone abusing the provision of escort services as a back door for prostitution. Therefore, it is commonplace that there is a lot of attention and scrutiny directed towards escorts and escorts agencies. Failure to be alert on the requirements of the Colorado Escort Service Code could result into a tussle with the authorities, but it is rare as long as you are strictly offering escort services.

Now that you know escorting is legal in Denver, Colorado it is time to perfect your game and get your fair share of the booming market, which has no prospect of dying out ever. Keep your services up to date, attractive with a variety of offers and let your clients know you are happy to serve them.

More importantly, let your client base feel comfortable by informing them that you are compliant with the law and what you are offering is a legitimate legal service. In fact, it is best to have a contract print out stipulating your services and citing the Colorado Escort Service Code for the sake of clarity between you and your customers. It will also put you on the good side of the law if you ever run into the authorities conducing a routine “sting of operation” or escort service audit.


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