Learn How To French Kiss A Girl Step By Step

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sweet-kissAre you dating a girl? Have you tried different ways to pass your affection and enthusiasm to the girl and let her notice how much you love her? She might be your first love and therefore you are hesitating how to express yourself. Here are some tips to instruct you how you can go on the right track to French kiss your girl and express your passion to her step by step.

First, you should choose the right place to do it. French kissing is a really personal action; you’d better do it in a private place rather than in a public place. During the course of the action, the movements of every part of your body might make the girl feel embarrassed and insecure if both of you are standing in a public place; therefore a right place is a very important factor when performing your French-kiss.

cute-couples-kissingOnce both of you are in a private place, such as your home, and either you or the girl are in a passionate mood, it means either of you really wants to show affection to the other; normally you take the first step. Assuming both of you are sitting on a sofa face to face in a dimly lighted living room, the atmosphere makes either of you attracted, move your body closer to the girl, and place your each hand on each of the girl’s cheeks and start to kiss the girl’s lips. Your hands might move gently and smoothly from her cheeks back to her neck, both of you will sit even closer so that you can feel each of your hearts beating. At this stage, your hands will move from her neck to her upper back and stop at the line of her bra. In the meantime, the girl grips your lower lip into her mouth and you grip the girl’s upper lip, and either of your tongues is not involved in French-kissing. French-kissing is also known as sweet kissing. Followed by lips licking, you will kiss her forehead and cheeks. In practising the sweet kissing, both of you will enjoy the affection.

In French- kissing, there is not any sexual touching performed although you are in a private place and at a high demanding situation from each of you. Before performing it, better keep your breath fresh by either brushing your teeth or having a fresh lolly. Well, preparing yourself for the enjoyable moment is another key factor; otherwise your bad breath odor might scare the girl away. As mention above, French-kissing doesn’t have any sexual action performed, keep in mind, you won’t do any silly things at this stage, especially if it is the first time that you invited your girl-friend to visit your home and you want to use the sweet kissing to attract the girl closer to you so as to express your affection to her. If you do things too fast and the girl is not prepared to accept you to go to even closer, stay calm and keep some distance between you is the best choice. You can judge the girl’s extent of her affection to you by sensing her movement to your French-kissing. If both of you collaborate very well, it means the girl would like to go further with you, otherwise time will tell you how your relationship development will be.

Overall, practising French-kissing is a really enjoyable moment. It can bring two parts closer and gives the chance to express affection from one to the other. Please practise it always in a private place and perform with your enthusiasm; I’m sure your relationship will take off and move forward.


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